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White Cotton Gloves - 20 Gloves


Comfortable Cotton Layer Keeps Hands Warm While Absorbing Sweat.
Retains Moisturizing Cream While You Sleep.
Prevents rough and rubber glove material from Deteriorating Your Skin.
Designed With Your Hand Measurements In Mind Custom.
Thickness Shields Your Hands From Chemicals And Environment.
Our liners allow you to nourish your skin while protecting it from outside damage. Moisturizing or dermatological creams stay on your hands instead of getting on everything you touch. Our soft material serves as a barrier between your hands and any type of gloves. Sweat absorbing cotton prevents rubber garden gloves from deteriorating your soft skin. In cold climates, you can count on an extra layer of warmth under other gloves. Any housework requiring dusting or chemical products will no longer be a threat. No matter the use, you can be certain these gloves stay in place with our comfort wristband. Most importantly, these white knights are ready to be used again after a quick wash.


 100% Satisfaction Assurance
100% Money Back Guarantee

 If you aren't completely happy with your gloves, we will refund every penny, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


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